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Women get better here

Extended Care treatment for women 18 and older experiencing addiction, trauma, and mental health issues.

Mission &

Women get better at The Rose House.  We believe that by engaging in high quality, gender specific, extended care addiction and mental health treatment, women can experience sustained sobriety and emotional healing.  Our mission is to provide evidence-based, dual diagnosis integrative treatment, delivered by a compassionate staff within a dynamic community of recovery.

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Treatment Approach

For women suffering from addiction, underlying issues of trauma and mental health need to be addressed. At The Rose House, we focus on the whole person by promoting psychological, emotional, physical, spiritual, and cognitive healing. We offer gender-specific treatment, which studies show is most effective with women experiencing addiction and dual diagnoses.

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Admissions Process

Your recovery is important to us. We realize that committing to extended care treatment is a very important step. We would be happy to work with you to see if our treatment and your needs are a match. Click below to learn more about next steps and our admission process.

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About Us


If you are reading this message, either you or someone you care about is in trouble. Perhaps you are not even sure what is happening but know you need assistance. We welcome you to our website where you can learn more about how The Rose House helps women and their families. We encourage you to call us if you would like to speak with someone about the issues you may be facing.

The Rose House is a licensed residential addiction treatment program for women in the beautiful state of Colorado. In our 16 bed facility, we provide intensive therapy, relapse prevention, and facilitate the development of life skills necessary to maintain long-term sobriety.

Rose House Testimonial

"I’ll never forget the day my daughter called and said in an excited voice, “I have one year of sobriety today.” I want to thank all Rose House staff members for everything you all did to help save my daughter… God Bless you all for giving me both my daughter back and my granddaughter her mother back… Life is good!"

Rose House Testimonial

"My sister is completely invested in the program and believes in the power of the Rose House group therapy sessions… She loves her schedule with the various AA, NA, Al-Anon meetings as well. The Rose House staff has made remarkable progress with my sister. I cannot thank you all enough for investing the time you have with her."

Rose House Testimonial

"It has been one year since my daughter graduated from the Rose House… I will never forget the compassion you showed my daughter…I am hopeful that her life is new and that she has a second chance to do something great with it… This is a day that will be remembered in our home."

Rose House Testimonial

"Hi Marcie, I am thinking of you! I started teacher training this week for yoga and spin instructing… What I am doing now is so much more than just fitness instruction, it is also soul food… I was so scared to start training, but my life experiences, especially those gained from the Rose House, have lead me to trust in the process… Grateful everyday!"

Rose House Testimonial

"I wanted to take a few minutes and thank the Rose House staff for all the wonderful things you all did for my daughter… With you help and guidance she has blossomed… She is much more clear, positive, and confident in herself than she has EVER been… Again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you have done…"

Verify Insurance

The Rose House is an Out-of-Network provider and works with most insurance PPO plans. The Rose House verifies insurance benefits as a service to our clients. Participation in our Residential, Extended Care is not necessary for us to verify your insurance benefits.