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Frequently asked questions about treatment

Why is The Rose House program longer than a standard 30 day program?

The Rose House is a 3 month program because long term treatment has been proven in countless studies to provide the best results for long term sobriety and emotional stability. By having extended time in gender specific care, women are able to access and work through the root causes of substance use and mental illness in order to heal from trauma rather than just treat the symptoms. Women also have an opportunity to complete an additional 6 months in our step down program, allowing them to be out in the world again in a more independent environment while still being a part of The Rose House community. It takes time to make lasting changes. Take a look at Drug Abuse Outcome Studies (DATOS) at The Rose House program length of stay is designed for women to succeed.

What does the schedule look like during an average day in treatment?

The Rose House schedule provides a busy, well organized day consisting of a variety of therapeutic activities. Each day is a bit different as we use many modalities of healing. The atmosphere is relaxed even though the schedule is brisk because we believe in self care, taking time for meals, rest, and exercise. The weekdays are very full with group and individual therapy and the weekends are more flexible with visitation, downtime and outings. Everyone, clients and staff alike, contribute to the group dynamic as clients move through their day.

How much contact can I have with my friends and family while I am living at The Rose House?

We know that maintaining, building, and repairing healthy and positive support systems is imperative. As you adjust to residential treatment, there is a 2 week "settling in" period in which you will have limited if any use of technology and limited contact with friends and family. However, staff communicates with your family frequently and will communicate on your behalf as needed. After the settling in period, you may have contact with your loved ones daily and visitation weekly. The Rose House offers substantial support to families while women are in treatment. It is important that while women are at The Rose House working on themselves, their family members are supported in doing the same so that everyone involved can get better along the way. We have bi-weekly family groups facilitated by our clinical staff, weekly support groups facilitated by past Rose House families, and we conduct family therapy sessions with our clients and their loved ones during the course of treatment. We are dedicated to helping clients foster healthy relationships with clear boundaries, both in the house and with their loved ones.

How do I put my life on hold while I am receiving help?

As a small program, The Rose House is able to give clients the attention needed to help them take time away from work, responsibilities, and family. Taking time off of work is of concern to many people seeking help. There are laws that protect you while you are on leave, including The Family and Medical Leave Act.

Many women with young children worry about being away from them. We know that healthy moms are good moms and will support you in how to put yourself first so that you can be present for your children. We strongly value the bond between a mother and her children and work hard alongside you to nurture those relationships. Children are able to visit you at The Rose House and can even spend the night once in a while. Even though it seems overwhelming, things will fall into place as you focus on your goal of recovery. The Rose House case managers, therapists and support staff will help you with the process.

What are the steps of the admissions process?

We encourage you to give us a call to speak with the owner of The Rose House or the Executive Director. The personal touch that you receive at The Rose House is rare and is something we are proud of. If you and The Rose House decide that it is a good fit, admission to our program is straightforward. We have been helping women get better since 2007 and can guide you in a way that feels safe and secure.

How do people pay for the investment in a residential program?

Investing in residential care for substance abuse and mental health issues can be daunting. Many people have insurance policies that will pay for a large portion of treatment. Some pay out of pocket if their insurance policy does not help with the cost. The Rose House is an affordable option in comparison to many other residential programs. Call us to discuss the details of your situation and to explore payment options. As a small and privately owned business, we are able to work with people.

How does The Rose House approach treating trauma?

Helping women to face their trauma and heal is our specialty. We love guiding women in walking through their fears and memories so that they can live freely.There is no story that is too big for The Rose House. In a supportive, nurturing, and shame free environment, we individualize an approach to treating trauma that works for each person. Clinicians with decades of experience and evidence based methods work diligently to assist women with significant trauma. Some women do not identify as having trauma. However, Dr. Chambers says that, “Anything less than nurturing can be trauma”.

In a group setting, women on similar journeys hold each other up and support the process of healing from trauma. There is no “one size fits all” for trauma treatment. And yet, it is a universal truth that working through trauma is the only method that brings peace to the individual. Women get better at The Rose House.

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