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Many of our women have experienced depression

Many of our women have experienced depression - whether it be a long-standing biological depression or situation depression related to stress, loss or repercussions from addiction. Individuals who meet the criteria for Major Depressive Disorder may be on medication to address these medical conditions. In extreme cases, diagnosed or undiagnosed depression may lead to suicidal ideation or action. If individuals are having serious suicidal thoughts when they are speaking with us about possible admission or after they have been admitted, we refer them to a higher level of care for stabilization.

At The Rose House, our goal is to treat depression by having women work on the root causes using numerous techniques. Our goal is to move women from using medication to utilizing effective coping skills to manage their symptoms. In the event medication is necessary for depression or other symptoms, our Medical Director (psychiatrist) meets with women on a regular basis.

By reducing shame and guilt through treatment of addiction, family issues, trauma, and grief and loss, our women consistently find a significant decrease in depression and increase in self-esteem, health and wellness.