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Stepdown/After Care

After graduation...

Research shows that the longer individuals who struggle with addiction and co-occurring disorders participate in appropriate levels of alcohol and drug addiction treatment, the greater the chances of long term sobriety, health and life fulfilment. The 90 day (plus) intensive treatment environment offered at The Rose House changes women. Our focus on multi-faceted evidence-based treatment transforms women cognitively, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The growth we see is significant, and we also realize that what our women do after they leave our program is crucial to their continued recovery.

After approximately two (of three plus) months at The Rose House, women may enter into the Transition Phase of treatment. Certain milestones must be reached for this phase to be implemented. In the Transition Phase, women are given a bit more freedom and responsibility – to start testing out the waters in “real life” while still in our supportive environment. During this phase, women begin to plan, with their therapist, for their discharge. This may include getting a part time job and researching next level-of-care options (step down).

There are several options after women complete the initial treatment program. (Note that 90 days is an estimate of the initial course of treatment and may be adjusted as clinically indicated).

After graduation, The Rose House recommends women step down to our sober living/ continued treatment option. Two beautiful homes nearby offer women more independent living while still requiring 2 therapist led groups/week, one peer led group/week, one individual session with therapist/week, 20 hours/week of work, school or volunteerism, 12 step meetings and random UA's/BA's.

Regardless of whether our women continue to live nearby after leaving The Rose House, or move out-of-state, we work hard to develop a plan with them that includes the appropriate therapeutic level-of-care and community support.

If women who complete The Rose House program find themselves struggling in the future, we are here for consultation and support!