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Gender Specific

Gender-Responsive Treatment

The Rose House not only provides substance abuse and mental health treatment to women, we take into account the specific needs of women in order to maximize the opportunity for their sobriety, growth and health. Research has shown that gender-responsive treatment is clinically indicated and evidence-based for women experiencing substance abuse issues. By offering an integrative approach, we utilize the research based conclusions about best practices for women’s treatment that are outlined in The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) TIP 51 – revised 2015.

Highlights of this research (Publication SMA15-4426 Substance Abuse Treatment: Addressing the Specific Needs of Women, Addiction Treatment Improvement Protocol – TIP 51) state treatment considerations for women should include:

  • their relationships with family, extended family and support systems, social and economic environment and the impact of gender and culture
  • their unique health concerns
  • the relevance of various caregiver roles that women assume throughout their lives
  • using a strengths-based treatment model
  • fewer distractions when men are not present, with greater cooperation and less competition
  • the difference in brain chemistry between men and women (women think, respond and bond differently than men)